RelaxLittle™ Phoenix Massage Gun

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RelaxLittle™ Phoenix Massage Gun

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The RelaxLittle™ Phoenix Massage Gun

is built specifically to help relieve stress and tension in muscles and tendons. 

Deep tissue massage is now being widely used by sports teams for muscle activation, injury recovery or relaxation. 


Whether you are working in construction, nursing, sports, crossfit etc. or performing physically straining tasks, then deep tissue massage can help prevent and relieve muscle injury. When regular massage devices and most handheld massagers cant achieve the desired outcome, then the Phoenix massaging gun is the massager you need. Built specifically with the power for a deeper massage, stimulating blood flow, greatly reducing muscle recovery time, relief of pains and achieve complete relaxation from head to toe.


Quick recovery after training - Relax your muscles immediately after exercise, and recover your soreness and stiffness, making you feel better in a just a few minutes.

Effectively relieves muscle tension and reduces muscle recovery times by increasing blood flow. 

Up to 3 level adjustment allowing you to control the strength of your massage.

4 massage heads are included, designed to specifically target particular muscle groups throughout the body. 

Equipped with a 2400mAh high-energy lithium battery and a fast charging station. 

Comfortable hand grip designed for easier control when massaging. 

Low Operation Volume. The Phoenix massager is one of the quietest massaging guns on the market operating at under 55dB. So just relax and enjoy the quiet massage!

Compact and lightweight, the Phoenix massager is designed to be flat, small, and can be easily carried around.

LED battery indicator for monitoring remaining battery power.




My favorite mat for relaxation, before bedtime in turn with my husband lying on it. I bought mother-in-law as a gift for the new year, all relatives took as a gift. class, I'm delighted!! Recommend!! 10 stars!!

The product is very quality. And Very fast delivery to Israel. Working well and doing great massage.

Received the order, very fast delivery, did not expect, thank the seller. The product corresponds to the descriptions. The package was strongly in the crumpled, but the goods are not damaged everything works fine. Thank you all.

Usually, my boyfriend always plays games, and he plays late every day. He calls this neck pain every day. I have noticed this massager before, and finally, I bought it, but it did not disappoint me. After receiving the goods, the packaging is quite high-end and very comfortable to use. He said it is much more comfortable to use now.

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